Arctik Midsole Study

Designed by Adam Saleh
Sector Footwear
Tools Fusion 360, Rhino3d, Grasshopper, Ntopology, Gravity Sketch, Procreate

My primary goal in developing the Arctik Midsole was to find balance between aesthetic value and generative and computational design functionality.

After going through several material and workflow studies, the program that stuck was Ntopology, allowing me to quickly iterate through different mathematical geometry eventually landing on the Schwarz lattice.

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The development of this sneaker precipitated the creation of the rest of the Arctik line.

In future iterations, this sneaker will be brought into Rhino3d for a parametric sketch over to make production possible.

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“When’s the last time you ordered coffee with a hologram?”

Adam Saleh, Berkeley, CogSci