Aria Mask

Designed by Adam Saleh
Sector Medical Tech
Tools Fusion 360, Keyshot 9, Gravity Sketch, Photoshop

When stay-at-home orders were first issued around March, coronavirus was (still is) spreading blisteringly fast. Hospital supply pipelines were bottlenecking and leaving ICU staff largely unprotected.

My team and I designed Aria to ameliorate this supply breakdown by retrofitting off-the-shelf scuba masks (w/ comparatively untapped supply) with a Far-UVC light filter that would deactivate Covid-19 and other harmful pathogens.

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Healthcare workers often wear a combination of disposable masks, goggles, and face shield. Using Far-UVC light effectively cuts down HEPA fabric use, and opens the mask up for reuse via autoclave sterilization.

We can achieve a more simple protective seal by using a single mask with a generous silicone flap. The design is inspired from snorkeling masks, that are known to seal well underwater while maintaining wide visibility.




“A reusable full face mask to protect and limit the spread of airborne diseases using light.”

Adam & Team, The Bay