A Bit About Me

I add innovation, creativity, and critical analysis to everything I do with care for every detail

What I'm All About

In the lab I’m looking for that idea, approach, or expressive ah-hah moment, and I’m constantly designing and re-imagining. I’m an avid student investigating the confluence of Science and Design. But I’m also an athlete. Not at the same time, mind you, although being on one side of the classroom has always interested me in learning more about being on the field.

So, now I’ve been eight years a competitor: track and field; and eight years a design enthusiast: hardware and software; and I have an unwavering academic focus: technology. I find these things congruent to a great extent—because they require very specific knowledge, focus, and creativity—it’s like you’re looking for the literal and figurative winning-start.

I often get asked, "why Cognitive Science?"

It offers me a fresh angle on design-- I can look at problems through the fundamentals of human existence and perception. Linguistics, Anthropolgy, Neuroscience, Cell Biology, and Computational Modeling, all lend themselves in ways that help me to challenge the norm.

A Few of My Competencies

Computer Aided Design [CAD]

I stay versed in all the cutting edge CAD technologies required for imapctful, innovative design-- especially interested in algorithm-aided design.

Product Design

Pulling on a wide breadth of real world design and leadership experience, I'm always ready execute a new product design case.

User Research & Testing

My background in Cognitive Science lends insight on human-centered design and product validation with careful consideration of the user's needs.

Strategy & Marketing

Deep understanding of consumer trends and the implementation to match-- supports me when making critical placement decisions that optimize growth and interactions.

Project Management

A great project starts with a great team, I take a human approach to project management-- enforcing timelines that adhere closely to my team's skills and interests.


What good is an awesome project without the power to sell an audience, engineer, or consumer-- I bring that public speaking acumen to the table.

Start a Project. Let's Execute!