Project Aerobear

Designed by Adam Saleh, and Darius Dastur
Sector Transportation
Tools Fusion 360, Gravity Sketch, Keyshot 9, Illustrator, Fusion Generative Design, Form2 SLA, Advanced Fabrication

The Aerobear Hardware Project is at the helm of designing, developing, and testing the complete, fixed-wing, airframe that houses all electronics and flight systems needed for robust, autonomous flight.

Our workflow advances per a thorough iterative-design CAD stage, into FEA and CFD which culminates in the final fabrication and testing stages of the project.

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Boasting a 9 foot wingspan and 7 foot central boom, Aerobear cruises comfortably at 40 knots for up to 38 minutes on a charge.

A completely custom wing and empennage assembly was important in development for a fully validated design.

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“it's a bear, it's a plane, it's Aerobear!!”

Adam Saleh, Berkeley, CogSci